Dante Network Audio Player
High-Resolution Ethernet Recording I/F


Price ¥178,200(tax included)

Connect your amp / record player to the world of network audio.

VT-EtVNL is already recommended for those who already have audio equipment and who are listening to analog records are beginning to start networking audio.

If you already have a high-end audio device you can build state-of-the-art network audio using LAN cheaply without using expensive network players recommended by audio critics on the magazine.
A high-performance ADC that rips your existing analog board is bundled with an application that can automatically split songs after ripping as individual files like CDs.

Expensive DACs and network players are appealing to DSPs and FPGAs to a high degree, but their use becomes a bottleneck in the new generation of PC audio world that is constantly evolving, and expensive expenses will be incurred for upgrading.

Since VT – EtVNL works with state – of – the – art software, it can easily provide a new generation of PC audio world that evolves constantly without becoming obsolete by version upgrade.



VT-EtVNL Specifications
Host I/F 1Gbit Ethernet(RJ45)
Dante Network (Audio Over IP)
PC Driver ASIO / WDM(Dante Virtual Soundcard)
Analog Output Stereo unbalanced
2.1Vrms F.S
Digital Output SPDIF Coaxial
Analog Input Stereo unbalanced
Input Level(LINE,MOBILE,PHONO ,Reshuffling type)
SN:106dB(LINE Input)
Power AC 100V 50-60Hz
Dimensions 184(W)x 60(H)x 230(D)mm
Weight 2kg
Bundling Software
(USB Memory)
Virtual Audio Cable
Dante Virtual Soundcard(ASIO/WDM)
MPP.DSP(Audio system signal processing software)
MPP.CUT(File division software)
License ID
System requirements More than CPU Core i5、PC of the on board ethernet equipment.
OS:Windows 8、Windows 8.1、Windows10
Recommended switching HUB:YAMAHA SWX-2100 series


Included Application Software

MPP.DSP(Audio system signal processing software)

MPP.DSP is software for using Windows PC as a processor for audio signal processing.

MPP.DSP operates the digital signal processing in the audio I/F input signal, and the results are reflected as DSP (Digital Signal Processor) in audio I/F output.
For a large scale system receives the signal via the network from input only audio I/F, then after processing the signal send to output only audio I/F via the network.
On the other hand, a small system receives the signal from one audio I/F, then processing back to same Audio I/ F, using conventional USB audio I/F is the same method as before.
MPP.DSP performed at a sampling frequency of 44.1KHz~192KHz same as connected Dante Network sampling frequency.

MPP.DSP includes Virtual-Audio-Cable (VAC) software that operates in Windows Karnel mode. VAC recognized by the application on Windows as a compliant audio driver.The application on Windows output the signals to this VAC, when MPP.DSP receiving the signal from VAC input then output the processing signal. Using this VAC makes various audio playback soft wares or internet streaming playback software utilizes MPP.DSP frontend.
The main processing function of MPP.DSP is 64Ktap convolution processer.MPP.DSP equipped with 16 convolution processer for output and 2 for recording. Maximum operation sampling frequency is 192KHz Standard hardware-based audio processer’s equipped convolution processor has 4K tap and the corresponding sampling frequency is 96KHz.You can see how high performance this PC based processor is.

  • MPP.DSPが提供する主な信号処理機能
    ——--フィルター実装形式:FIR 直線位相フィルター
    ——--フィルター実装形式:FIR 直線位相フィルター
  • MPP.DSPが提供するツール


MPP.CUT(File division software)

MPP.CUT is a tool that separates recorded WAV file to multiple music files.
Main features
When recording vinyl records, there are multiple continuous tunes into a large file.
Also, MPP.DSP enables recording and making music file’s envelope information into a file at the same time. MPP.CUT loads this envelope data and displayed as an image. It is possible to find a break of the tune during playback the songs and envelope file.
To find a break of the tune based on envelope or sound is quite time-consuming.
To set three parameters correctly made MPP.CUT features to detect candidates of the tune break.
After detecting those candidates, while listening to the tune to make fine adjustment possible to separates files rapidly and efficiently.
These are the three parameters.
— Number of the tune to separates.
— The shortest time length of the tunes.
–hreshold level of the silence

MPP.CUT runs Windows ‘standard audio output.No need to use S&K Audio I/F like MPP.DSP.Means While recording by MPP.DSP, you can separate files with another PC to efficiently archives huge amount of vinyl records.