Dante Network対応 Multi DAC/Multi Chanell Power Amplifier


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Having introduced multi-channel system and having questions about the environment of listening room or crossover number of the matched units?
Let us show you by measuring the newest and the best machine and software, what is the most suitable for you.
we will be glad to answer any questions you may have.
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What is the ultimate audio?
The answer is the Multi-channel system which is not using network but sounded from each SP units directly.
Although, the each SP units have different characteristics.
It ’s influenced by room environments like resonant sound or reverberant sound plus phase frequency characteristic and group delay response.
If you want to enjoy your sound perfectly, need measuring and correcting.

MPP.DSP and VT-EtPDAC allow easy Multi-channel implementation. VT-EtDAC is an inbuilt power amplifier DAC has the same power as Multi-channel which directly attached to the latest ICE Power module to the VT-EtDAC output line.

Adopting luxury chassis are common to all VT Series, that utilizing Japanese manufacturing technology. The instance you touch, you’ll see how marvelous that texture is. These rhodium-plated speaker jacks are better than gold, high class and durable which boasts a high level of technology and quality.

To enable this room-equalize, using the included MPP.DSP. It provides the latest software technology to the Digital Channel Divider which is high speed and the FIRfilter can divide by 120db, The Stereo enable to divide into 8ways maximum (total 16units)

Active Multiway transmits drive signals to SP units of Multi-channel directly from the power AMP.

One of the key parts of the uncompromised audio system is including MPP.DSP which equipped Digital Channel Divider. Its steep isolation between the Channel controls distortion of the unit and prevent interference between the units makes high resolutions signals to drive SP unit.

Also, the no phase distorted filter provides high-quality wave reproducibility
○Sweet Spot Correction
This is a Stereo sound system which using both rights and left SP to transmit spatial information of sound. What is the most important position of the Stereo sound? The answer is the Sweet Spot. To improve the transfer characteristic from SP, and SP to Sweet Spot complete the Audio equipment. Using the microphone located inside the Sweet Spot to measure the impulse response, can be determined by the transfer characteristic.
Transfer characteristic provides users to correct amplitude‐frequency characteristics and customize it to your liking. By controlling minimum phase property, absorb the phase difference from both right and left SP. That reproduces accurately just as the creator intended.

VT-EtPDAC has four ways at the most multi-channel, does not need any complicated wiring with many pieces of equipment, introduce cutting-edge Dante Network provide a connecting PC by using only one Ethernet(LANport RJ45)
Inside components are formed by the 8CH DAC parts and power AMP. Reducing extremely complex cable wire when creating a system, also helps reduce the risk of faulty wiring by the human. So it looks appealingly simple.
Inside of the power AMP uses newest ICE power module. The configuration is below.





Very expensive and high-class digital audio is introduced as “Net Player” or ”Net Audio” in the magazines. They tend to be insensitive to say high precision and high speed dedicated DSP chip.

However, The CPU on the PC is apparently higher speed and higher precision than dedicated DSP, plus accurate processing software uses a large amount of memory and the external storage made soft-engineers passible to develop the high precision app.

Dedicated DSP is clearly disadvantaged for the development costs. Why on earth Audio manufacturers put dedicated DSP chips on an exclusive machine? Audio maniac does not mind spending money on hardware but saving money on invisible software. Perhaps without those machines, audio magazines and audio critics will lose their jobs.

The environment of Net-Audio is greatly developed. We can import much high-quality music from the overseas music site.

It is a time for computer and NET. This simple fact augurs the approach of a new age. Now, I will ask how you categorized the Audio?



VT-EtPDAC Specifications

  • Host I/F
    • 1Gbit Ethernet (RJ45 )
    • Dante Network Core (Audio Over IP)
  • Audio format
    • 語長 : 16/24bit PCM
    • Sampling frequency: 44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192KHz
  • Audio output
    • CH1、CH2 160W@8Ω
    • CH3 – CH8 40W@8Ω / 80W@4Ω
    • THD+N : 0.002% @ 4Ω 1KHz 1W
  • Power-supply voltage : 100V 50/60Hz
  • 外形
    • Size : 220mm(W) x 95mm (H) x 308mm(D) / Weight : 7Kg
    • 本体色 : パールホワイト
  • Bundled application

    • Virtual Audio Cable
    • MPP.DSP(Audio System Signal processing Software)
    • MPP.CUT(File Division Software)
  • Notes

To allow for simultaneous access to those multi-channels, Dante PCIe-R Soundcard required separately.


The challenge Examples

Remove the standard Network from JBL4343 Base 6Way System JBL4343, then put on Driver(JBL2440)and Super TW.
The one and only VT-EtPDAC provide Digital Dividing Network by software MPP.DSP makes Multi Channels and Room Equalizer improves the acoustical performances.

First, Woofer and Mid Bass set .the crossover 250Hz, then expand the area. The Woofer covers under 250Hz area provide pleasant and stimulating, clear low tune. 6CH Multi Channels System constructed with Mid Bass (JBL2121)and Driver(JBL2440) set Crossover 650HLz、Low Driver(JBL2440)and High Driver(JBL2205) set 1200Hz、JBL2205and Tweeter(JBL2405)set 5500Hz、JBL2405and Super Tweeter(TW29R)set 12000Hz.

I had been very unsatisfied with the sound for decades since I bought the 4343 even though the audio magazine review said that sound is excellent, But, now all those bad feelings have disappeared.
MPP・DSP 120db’s Digital Dividing Network has excellently 90 cut, connected speakers. Relish the real pleasure of the audio.

To made Woofer sets 250Hz, There was no feeling of the singer singing on the earthquake simulator. I could feel the enchanting music and energetic high sound that envelops the entire room
If you already have a 4343, Why don’t you get squeaker driver 2440/2441/375 from the auction?