Amazing net-player to make the net world delightful.

VT-EtDiG is the one that made PC’s convenience and evolution integrated into the world of the audio players. And its most advanced software technology has changed their category from the audio to the computer peripherals. It is clearly different from ones of conventional audio player’s world.
Fabulous design and compact constructed net audio are made to enjoy seamlessly incorporated music from all over the world.

First ever home audio, introduced most advanced and center of the professional equipment Dante Networking.
First ever Room-Equalizing APP included. The software allows dramatically improve the sound environment in your room.
First ever Speaker Calibration Work by optional Music-Wave Reproduction (with certificate)
Do Rip Vinyl Music, Automatically separates files for each Ripped Music.
Connect Your favorite record player and the CD deck you are proud of, to the world of the network –audio.
If you already have a PC, you can build Net-Audio environment easily at an affordable price.
Built-in power AMP. You can enjoy powerful sound from the speaker output2×18Walso enjoy it as a head AMP.

Windows Software

VT-EtDiG gives an images of the future of relaxing.

PC became a center of the music scene and its connection to NET provides unlimited access to the music from all over the world.
This is the one for the ladies who are familiar with personal computer or mobile phone, after the long day at work and while relaxing at your home drinking some wines. Listen while you texting or chatting with your friend or boyfriend. While you enjoying your meal or reading your favorite book or magazine.
Here’s the most innovative music environment for you.
Recommend to use VT-EtDiG as BGM at a beauty salon, restaurants café boutiques, and so on, instead of using cable broadcast.
To use multiple VT-EtDiG passible to simultaneous playback for each room and place.

VT-EtDiG connects LAN cable to the PC or Mac, means you don’t need to worry about where to set. and, you can build Net-Audio easily at an affordable price.
Sound playback APP such as iTunesJRiverSpotify, or your vinyl record/tape turn into network-audio and you can enjoy those all music.

Analog/digital inputA/DD/D function
VT-EtDiG has Analog/digital input. It connects your record player, CD player to the world of net-audio.
VT-EtDiG has recording capabilities such as digital recording from analog input or at music school (practicing instruments like Japanese harp, shamisen, violin, piano), at a Karaoke bar, you can monitor your students’ progress to record their instruments sound or their voices.

Most advanced Application
VT-EtDiG running on most advanced application means never too late updating (DSP, FPGA using equipment has weakness of updating) Always receive constantly evolving a new generation of the world of the Net-audio.


Full synchronization playback to multiple VT-EtDiG located at various places.
Dante-network provides full synchronized playback to multiple VT-EtDiG Located at various and distant places by using only LAN cable.
Set up VT-EtDiG each room of various facilities or place next to each speaker at event sites enable to synchronization, connect only LAN cable and PC.

Audio magazines recommend some beginner use-plans for this product come bundled with PC and DAC or Net-Player. But it doesn’t make any sense for experienced PC users.
VT-EtDiG is suitable for experienced PC users who don’t care about critics’ sense of values and wanted to start cutting edge Net-work-audio.
Available setting and installation support for any help.


Speaker Caribrationoption
If you would like calibration on your SP, it is available for additional charge.
The state-of-the-art APP prevents from becoming old-fashioned (not using outdated DSP, FPGA system) and gives you evolving new generations world of Net-Audio
First in the world music-wave reproduction SP’s Calibration parameter, can be used for JRiver, Foober2000, included.
VT-SP10XX10cm wood coneis sold in sets.

What is music-wave reproduction?

Venetor Sound bundle anew APP introduced by Perfect Wave.co, provides music-wave reproduction. (True reproduction of the original recording)
The critics and audio magazines just heard the audio tune and comment `reproduction of the original sound’ only based on their ear’s ability. This is a completely different thing.

The music-wave reproduction is a result of comparing and matching complicated original sound’s music-wave from CDs and output sound wave from SP, then, validating against original sound and output music-wave. If its recall ratio cleared more than 92%, we call it `music-wave reproduction’

This is a certified measurement comparing the original sound with its reproduction rather than an audio critic’s subjective personal observation.
 Therefore, Music-wave Reproduction means software technology which possible to calibrate and verify the SP sound made more closely to the original sound.

Included Application Software

  • MPP.DSP(Audio system signal processing software)

MPP.DSP is software for using Windows PC as a processor for audio signal processing.
〇 To enjoy more high-resolution audio data, Room Equalizing APP and Calibration APP, give an optional music-wave reproduction of speaker sound are bundled
〇 A world-leading technique will allow ripping of analog records to be simplified.
〇 Bundles record ripping APP and high-quality ADC.
〇 Bundle Digital Equalizer APP.Provide Equalizer for old monaural SP, LP, EP, when you replay the sound.


MPP.DSP operates the digital signal processing in the audio I/F input signal, and the results are reflected as DSP (Digital Signal Processor) in audio I/F output.
For a large scale system receives the signal via the network from input only audio I/F, then after processing the signal send to output only audio I/F via the network.
On the other hand, a small system receives the signal from one audio I/F, then processing back to same Audio I/ F, using conventional USB audio I/F is the same method as before.
MPP.DSP performed at a sampling frequency of 44.1KHz
192KHz same as connected Dante Network sampling frequency.

MPP.DSP includes Virtual-Audio-Cable (VAC) software that operates in Windows Karnel mode. VAC recognized by the application on Windows as a compliant audio driver.The application on Windows output the signals to this VAC, when MPP.DSP receiving the signal from VAC input then output the processing signal. Using this VAC makes various audio playback soft wares or internet streaming playback software utilizes MPP.DSP frontend.

The main processing function of MPP.DSP is 64Ktap convolution processer.MPP.DSP equipped with 16 convolution processer for output and 2 for recording. Maximum operation sampling frequency is 192KHz  Standard hardware-based audio processer’s equipped convolution processor has 4K tap and the corresponding sampling frequency is 96KHz.You can see how high performance this PC based processor is.

  • MPP.CUT(File division software)

MPP.CUT is a tool that separates recorded WAV file to multiple music files.
Main features
When recording vinyl records, there are multiple continuous tunes into a large file.
Also, MPP.DSP enables recording and making music file’s envelope information into a file at the same time. MPP.CUT loads this envelope data and displayed as an image. It is possible to find a break of the tune during playback the songs and envelope file.

To find a break of the tune based on envelope or sound is quite time-consuming.
To set three parameters correctly made MPP.CUT features to detect candidates of the tune break.
After detecting those candidates, while listening to the tune to make fine adjustment possible to separates files rapidly and efficiently.
These are the three parameters.

——- Number of the tune to separates.
——- The shortest time length of the tunes.
——-hreshold level of the silence

MPP.CUT runs Windows ‘standard audio output.No need to use S&K Audio I/F like MPP.DSP.Means While recording by MPP.DSP, you can separate files with another PC to efficiently archives huge amount of vinyl records.

  • Virtual Audio Cable

MPP.DSP has no file playback function. Instead, software called Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) is bundled.
By using VAC, you can use file playback software such as JRiver, MediaMonkey, Roon, Primeseat and streaming receiving software.

    DSP platform realized with Virtual Audio Cable

    Connect with Windows application with WDM, WASAPI

–     High resolution for sampling frequency 192 KHz

Dante Virtual Soundcard
Dante Virtual Soundcard the software in combination changes your computer into Dante audio
interface, which enables recording and delivers sound from source through Ethernet.
Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and software based Media Player, Skype, iTunes, Pandora, Spotify and other players can supported easily by Dante-Network through Dante Virtual Soundcard
.          Windows:  ASIO and WDM driver
           Mac OS X: Core Audio
           16, 24, 32-bit, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4**, 192** kHz: Sampling Frequency
           4ms, 6ms, 10ms: , Each Latency
           1 μ Sec:  Ultra precision time alignment
           MAX 64 In / 64 Out: Audio Channel

Quoted from Audinate website

VT-EtGiG 主な仕様

●Input – Digital – RCASPDIF Coaxial
●Input – Analog – Stereo unbalanced (RCA) / Line Level
:SN:106db(Line) / Distortion:0.0022%
●Output : Headphone、Speaker(2×18W
●Host I/F :1Gbit Ethernet (RJ45)/ Dante Network (Audio over IP)
●PC Driver ASIO/ WDMDante Virtual SoundcardASIO/WDM
●Sampling frequency 44.1K192kHz
Dimensions 185 × 60 × 230mm W×H×D
Weight :2Kg
●Power AC 100V 50-60Hz
: ディスクリート回路による電源レギュレート
Bundling Software :Virtual Audio CableDante Virtual SoundcardASIO/WDM)
:MPP.DSPAudio System Signal Processing Software
:MPP.CUTFile Division Software
System requirements
CPU :Dualcore CPU
Memory 4Gbyte
Storage Disk

:To record a large number of audio tracks on a hard disk or to play from a hard disk, a high transfer rate is required.

OS Windows 8.110
Mac OS 10.11.610.12.610.13
Recommended switching HUB YAMAHA SWX-2100 series
Nonblocking gigabit switch
A model that can disable the EEE function
(Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) Ethernet interface is not supported)